Kent Mindfulness

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Christine Rogers

Christine  qualified as an Art Psychotherapist in 1993 and has worked in the prison service and community and acute ward settings in mental health services. She has significant experience in running art therapy groups. Her interest in Mindfulness began from her own meditation practice which started some ten years ago. Building on this she has studied Mindfulness with the Mindfulness Association and has  completed her  teaching certificate. Not only has Christine run Mindfulness courses but she has used the skills on a one to one basis.

Following the extensive research and development relating to Mindfulness and psychological wellbeing, Christine has spent some time during the last year focussing on compassion within her Mindfulness practices.


Penny Lamb

Penny trained as an Occupational Therapist, completing her qualification in 1996.  She has worked for twelve years in Mental Health services and has a special interest in group work, with emphasis on the management of Anxiety. Since Mindfulness became part of Penny’s life she has joined Christine in continuing with her practice and developing the programme.

Penny has succesfully completed her training with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) and can now deliver the course to young people of secondary school age - a .b teacher.  The recent interest shown by Parliament members and policy makers suggests that mindfulness will fast become a subject recommended for schools to adopt.

Penny and Christine's recent attendance at a conference at the Samye Ling Retreat enables them to deliver compassion elements in their training. 


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Mindfulness is a simple open non-religious approach that trains the mind to be more focussed  and clear allowing  one to cope better with the stresses of everyday life.